How to shoot 4K video on iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus

IPhone users are quite pleased to get iosemus on iPhone 6S with excellent advanced features than expected before. Not merely 3D Touch, Wi-Fi Help, Slomo video editing but much more. These are just a few characteristics which have created a good quantity of buzz because of its launch. The goodness doesn’t finish here, iPhone 6S offers 4K video! Yes, isn’t it an impressive characteristic. We are able to see Android users making faces on such advancements, but it is straightforward and great to try your hands on this feature.

Before experimenting with’ to shoot at 4K video’? Here are a couple points to be understood about 4K video. The first question that races my mind is ‘What’s 4K Video’? , ‘When can I start shooting with 4K’? And just how can I Shoot? Let’s slowly keep clearing the uncertainties. What’s 4K?

The word 4k is the amount of pixels of video. The unit 4k is counted over the video file in the flat measurement. Few people might combine the term HD with 4K, nicely, HD is normally assessed by vertical measurement. The HD videos include special standards like 1920 X 1080 pixels which are horizontal and vertical dimension. But HD holds not more pixels than 4K videos.

The 4K holds more detail of video compared to the High Definition video, which can be comparable to Blu-ray of the DVD format. 4K constantly offers more quality of video than any other format like High Definition, Full HD. There were the bunch of uncertainties with 720p, 1080i, HD Ready when HD was trending. Let’s not get into comparing 4K. and High Definition In a nutshell, 4k will offer double dimension than High Definition could present.

Really, if 4K offers such quality it’s going to take double space to save an individual file. For Example, 375MB for [email protected] 200MB for 1080p, 60MB for [email protected] and 30ps @60fps.

You have to have struck a new word ‘fps’. But with iPhone 6S you can shoot slo-mo video at 4K, but you’re limited with 720p @ 240fps and 1080p @120fps.

You must alter a setting to bring it on 4k.

4k hasn’t been placing by the iOS as default as the quantity of space occupied by 4K videos setting is enormous as compared to 1080p which is set as default option. 4K video will gulp almost double of your storage space for a minute record. Well, should you be confronting a lack of storage space is going to be demanding.

The user can very quickly change camera setting when wanted and which mode to go with!

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