Landlord Real Estate Tycoon

Geo Location Property Game

Ever wanted to be the owner of famous real life properties?
Now you can, thanks to Landlord Real Estate Tycoon everything is possible! In Landlord, the first reality based game, You will find elements of a business simulator, trading game and a bit of augmented reality. You can buy, sell and trade digital properties set in their actual locations thanks to the use of GPS and geolocation! Invest wisely, trade with other players and compete with your friends. Make every dollar count, as you progress through the game, building your real estate empire. Ready for a challenge? Start with buying corner shops in your neighborhood, make profit on them and move forward, till you can acquire the most famous landmarks in the world. Level up and develop in order to become the biggest business tycoon! Landlord takes the best out of trading games, tycoons and business simulators to give you a taste of augmented reality game! Find your own strategy, learn about the economy and earn your way to the top of the leaderboard! We prepared nice start for You with $50,000 of virtual currency on the begining of the journey invest them in best possible properties around you! Earn money each time someone checks in at your property through Foursquare or Facebook Upgrade your estates to earn even more or sell them to get instant surge of dollars. It’s all about the reality:
buy your school or office – every property in the game is based on its real-life equivalent
find your favourite real estate or discover new ones thanks to augmented reality elements
search through Market to buy properties all over the world
learn more about real-life economy and business thanks to realistic simulation
get rich by buying properties in your city and then selling them to get even more money
become the owner of your hometown and profit from it to become the richest capitalist. Compete with other Landlords, invite your friends and challenge them to see which of you is the best tycoon. Trade with other players to develop your own empire. Compete and conquer them all to become number 1 in your city, country or even in the whole world! Landlord , one of the best business games on the market, shows how to use your money in the most effective way. Level up to receive new rewards and conquer the market of real estate! Geolocation has never been so much fun! Just choose a property from the list, click on it and it’s yours, as easy as that. The challenge lies in the living economy simulation – you must be very careful not to go bankrupt! In opposite to clickers or simple company games, Landlord is a true business game with fully fledged trading system based on real world. Invest your money, observe the movements of your rivals and trade with your friends. Thanks to the augmented reality elements, you’ll buy and sell real estate which you can upgrade to get even more profit in order to develop and level up. Do you have what it takes to conquer the market of real estate and become the richest real estate tycoon? Download NOW one of the best realestate games ever: Landlord , and build your own world!

How To Use:

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