MATCHSTICK – matchstick puzzle

Puzzle to Stimulate Your Brain

MATCHSTICK – A Puzzle Game to Stimulate Your Brain!
Move the matchsticks and find the correct answer!! MATCHSTICK is a classic brain training puzzle game that most anyone has played at least once.
This version can be enjoyed for free by all ages.
Move the matchsticks and try to find the correct answer while training your brain through a fun game! How to Play : The rules are simple.
Move, add, or remove matchsticks to create the correct answer. That’s it!
This puzzle game has no time limit, so you can stimulate your brain at your own pace. About the Puzzles : The app includes 500 puzzles on 10 levels of difficulty, including puzzles for creating squares and equilateral triangles, as well as puzzles for completing numerical equations.
The app starts the user off with simple puzzles.
You will be able to feel your brain loosen up and become pliable and ready for more as you complete these simple puzzles.
From there, your brain will slowly but surely become a puzzle master’s brain. Don’t worry! The puzzles will become more and more difficult as you continue to solve them.
There are also hints available for each puzzle that you may use if you get stuck. Players who are already puzzle masters may skip over the easier puzzles to tackle the more complicated ones right away. About the Matchstick Puzzles : Matchstick puzzles use rod-shaped items of uniform length, such as matchsticks, toothpicks, or pencils, and require lateral thinking to complete.
It is a simple, classic game, so many people may have seen it once or twice when they were children.
However, don’t underestimate it just because it’s a children’s game.
You will have to set aside your fixed concepts and existing logic and think up new ideas to solve these puzzles. This is your chance to invigorate your brain with a fun, free game!
You won’t want to put it down!

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