My cutie devil 【Otome game】

‘What’s my past?’ ‘Who am I…?’ A boy whose size is as big as my hand.
He has no memory of himself or you. Why did this boy come here…
What can you do for this boy…? The life with the boy who appears out of a sudden…
The life turing point for both of you… Enjoy the caring app game! 【Regarding the game】
Easy to play!
Touch the item around the character to accumulate the love meter!
As the love meter accumulated, the more comfortable he becomes in your presence!
Touching items and getting into bonus stages. are chances to accumulate love meter.
Make good use of these chances! As you grow more intimated with him, there will be choices coming up!
Your choices will change the ending! More over!
With every ending, there will be a beautiful picture!!!
If you complete every endings, there will be a bonus ending appear!
A chubby boy with silver hair and green eyes who looks good in the costume of death and devil.
Take care of this boy to see what will become of him. ※Inside the APP help page, there is detailed description.
Check it out! ———-Recommend for the following people———-
・People who like to play Otome game(game for girls).
・People who like to play casual game.
・People who want to kill time while commuting to school or work.
・People who want to play games which are easy and relaxing.
・People who like to play idol game.
・People who like beautiful feminine illustration.
・People who like Japanese anime.
・People who like cute characters.
・People who like love simulation game.
—————————————— 【Price】
Free download
※There are pay items which can help you move to endings sooner. ▼BGM▼ フリー音楽素材こんとどぅふぇ (
音楽素材『甘茶の音楽工房』 (
音楽の卵 (
TAM Music Factory (
M-ART ( ▼Sound Effect▼
効果音ラボ (
Music is VFR (
効果音素材:ポケットサウンド (
フリー効果音素材 くらげ工匠 (

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