OnTheClock Employee Time Clock

Time tracking hours worked

*100% cloud-based
*Account set up takes an average of only 2 minutes
*Saves time and increases work production
*No software installations
*Reduce payroll expenses
*Unlimited employees *Great for in-house or remote employee time tracking Time Clock Features:
*Robust PTO tracking – easily approve, deny and request paid time off.
*Live time card reporting – all employee punching is in real time. *Track attendance – know who’s in and on the clock.
*Employee shift scheduling – allow employees to see when they are scheduled to work.
*Overtime calculation – automatically calculates employee’s overtime.
*Easy time card editing – manually fix timesheet mistakes from an accidental clock in/out.
*Geo-Fencing & GPS – know where employees are punching in/out at all times. *IP and device restrictions – prevent buddy punching and time theft.
*Biometric/Fingerprint – additional option for clocking in/out.
*Group punch – allows quick punching for multiple employees using a specified device.
*Track holiday, vacation, sick and personal days.
*Payroll integration – quickly send time cards over to payroll. *Automation, paid breaks and reminders – prevent employees from forgetting to clock in/out. *Automatic break deduction options – help stay within your payroll budget.
*Assign job departments for specific employees – improves work shift monitoring. *Tips, bonuses and commissions – know how much money you are paying out.
*Job and Project costing – keep your company on track financially. *Export data via Excel or PDF – great for personal filing. *Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and semi-monthly pay periods.
*Supports iOS version 8 or higher.
*Much more! A brief description of how our time clock app works:
Set up an account and replace paper time cards with an accurate online employee time tracking system. Once employees are added, they are able to punch in/out by the use of a desktop, smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop. Administrators on the account will have the authority to set specific details on how they would like their employees to clock in/out. Robust timesheet reporting will allow 100% accuracy for payroll. Customer Support:
Our customer service is top-notch in the time clock world and always happy to assist you. Phone: 888-753-5999
Email: [email protected] Security:
*256 Bit SSL encryption
*All sensitive information encrypted at the database level
*Biometric lock on web and database servers
*Data is automatically backed up nightly Reliability:
*Built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET development platform
*SQL Server database
*Hosted with OrcsWeb in a world-class data center
*We have demonstrated 99.999% uptime – less than 5 minutes of downtime per year!
*Our service is constantly monitored for issues or failures by a third party monitoring service – siteuptime.com

How To Use:

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  • Input your username or mail.
  • Choose resources or offer pack you want.
  • Wait for a second, the server is processing your request. (we also showing process detail).
  • If the generator is working, it will display human verification to avoid Spam or Robot.
  • If the generator not showing human verification, so reload the current page and start from first step again.
  • After all is done, go back in the generator page and you’ll see a status.
  • Let’s open the game in your devices and look, your resources is there and ready to use.

Online generator

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