Tap Heroes!

Play with tap and idle game!

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Features of the game ◆ ◆ ◆
◆ You can play with just a tap! ◆ Tap to attack monsters!
Strengthen the hero with the gold acquired by defeating the monster. ◆ Enthusiastic companions ◆ Even while neglecting game, your companions will earn gold for you.
Strengthen your colleagues with the gold you earn.
Friends will have special skills. ◆ Strong artifacts ◆ You can get artifacts by advancing the game.
Let’s get a strong effect by getting it! ◆ Join Arena to compete with people all over the world ◆ You can compete with other players to get higher rank
You can get items according to the result. □ Recommended points
1. Easy to play
2. You are addictive
3. Free game ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Function explanation ◆◆◆◆
■The protagonist
Tap the screen and Hero attacks enemy.
By raising the level of the hero the attack power will rise when tapping.
By reaching a certain level of hero, you will be able to use unique skills. ■ Skills
You can unlock skills by reaching a certain level for your hero.
Each skill has a powerful effect.
Mana is necessary to use skill. ■ Mana
You consume mana to use skills.
Mana will recover after a certain period of time. ■Companions
Companions attack monsters automatically.
Increasing the level of your compnions will increase the attack power when attacking enemies.
When your companions reach a certain level, you can unlock unique skills for them. ■Hero Equipment
By reaching a certain number of stages you can get the hero’s equipment randomly.
Equipment has a special effect. ■Companion Equipment
You can own fellow’s equipment with reward such as arena.
When you acquire the equipments of a companion, the damage of companion will increase.
Just acquiring companion’s equipment has effect. ■Rebirth
You can incarnate by reaching a certain level.
Rebirth can be obtained according to the number of stages when incarnating.
When rebirth, gold and equipment of the hero will lost, but you will return stronger and more powerful. ■ Artifact
You can earn artifacts by consuming relics.
By acquiring artifacts, hero and friends become stronger. ■ Treasures
You can earn treasure by consuming gems.
Treasures have a very powerful effect.
Some treasures have special effects that can not be found in artifacts. □ notes
In order to display advertisements and share screens in the game, you need permission to access photos, media, files and storage in order to use this application. In the case of □ Basic information
· Installation free
· Basic play free … … … … … … … …
Contact Us
… … … … … … … …
Please send us your comments and requests from within the application 【Request】.

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