TRUTH OR DARE Adult & fun app

Dirty games for naughty adults

Everyone can play ! This app for parties has been developed by young people for young people. ⊖⊖⊖ TRUTH OR DARE BETWEEN GOOD FRIENDS ⊖⊖⊖
You’re in a party, you have more than 18 years old and you want to play a hot game with guys and girls ? Downloading Truth or Dare is making the right choice! Best of the hot dares and truths for adults are in this Truth or Dare. It’s quite the same game as ‘spin the bottle’ and creates links between each others. You can play with alcohol for even more fun, and maybe the beginning of something hot. ⊖⊖⊖ TRUTH OR DARE COUPLE ⊖⊖⊖
Truth or Dare has been made to be playable by over 18 adults in order to have a really hot night. Your passionate love will be back and you may discover you love (again). ⊖⊖⊖ TRUTH OR DARE BETWEEN GIRLS ⊖⊖⊖
A girls’ night or pyjama party is always a success with Truth or Dare. Discover the hottest and funniest hidden secrets of your besties. If your friends don’t want to tell the truth, it doesn’t really matter because we wrote down the most incredibles dares to make your night unforgettable. Who said that sleepovers have to be lame and quiet once you are over 18 years old? ⊖⊖⊖ TRUTH OR DARE BETWEEN MATES ⊖⊖⊖
Every single pal’s got a secret part, even adults do. So, find out the last dirty secret of your friends to make fun of it. If you think that you already know everything from them, check out the WTF or HARDCORE dares and discover what they’re capable of 😀 Be ready to live the most memorable night of your life ! _____________________ * There are some in app purchase in this awesome game
* For your safety and your friends’ safety, don’t drink too much buddies
* Above all, don’t drink and drive !
* You are not compelled to accept every truths and dares in this app

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