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Greeting to our web-page! Choosing our Hamster Balls Bubble Shooter hack software tool, Hamster Balls Bubble Shooter cheats and you will not ever have trouble getting gems anymore.

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  • How using Hamster Balls Bubble Shooter hack
  • 1. Select Cheese amount, press generate
  • 2. Enter Hamster Balls Bubble Shooter hack username
  • 3. Select platform
  • 4. Press CONTINUE
  • 5. Wait captcha (Human verification need to completeHamster Balls Bubble Shooter cheats)
  • 6. SEE STATUS and IF no error then Login to game and PLAY!
  • Hamster Balls Bubble Shooter hack success!

Enjoy it! Best of luck to you to you!

An addictive bubble shooter game!
Ready? Aim… Shoot!
Match 3 or more color balls to pop them!

Help your cute hamster friends reach their home in this bubble shooter game. An exciting adventure, full of dangers, obstacles, and tricky balls waits for you! Save lab flies and other creatures trapped inside balls, get the highest score, or just survive!
Meet the ingenious hamster team: Timmy, Runner, Psycho, and Wisenheimer. Along with yourself, they constitute a perfect bubble shooter crew that can overcome anything!
Discover how the hamsters’ special skills come in handy with their ball-popping abilities.
Psycho hates red buttons? Ok, there is a perfect Red Button for him that causes total ballihilation!
Runner loves running. Let’s upgrade the equipment on his running wheel and produce bombs!
Wisenheimer can control balls with the power of his mind. Just clean the dust off his telepathic helmet and let him do his job.
Timmy’s best skill (besides operating the bubble shooter cannon) is… getting into trouble! This little tyke is the reason why the whole adventure started.

Disclaimer: Beware of mysterious events, fading light, and balls that refuse to pop, but also may freeze, poison, or even predict the future!
*No balls were harmed while making this game.

How to play:
★ Tap the screen to aim and shoot the balls.
★ Tap the bubble shooter cannon to swap the balls.
★ Bounce the balls off the walls to aim into tricky spots.

★ 100+ levels of Challenging Puzzles!
★ Upgradable Hamsters, each with unique abilities!
★ Diverse mission goals and challenges
★ Cool & effective boosters and rescue kits
★ Toggable color blind mode
★ Facebook login to invite friends and exchange gifts
★ Leaderboards
★ Trophies

Join our community, share your comments, screenshots and videos:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hamsterballsgroup/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Publishing_CM
Link to game

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